The Queenstown Wedding Blog Is Moving!



I started the Queenstown Wedding Blog 13 years or so ago to help my wedding photography clients by providing them with a database full of Queenstown Wedding Venues and Vendors and also helpful blog posts full of How-Tos and Tips.  (My main business is and always has been my photography business, Fallon Photography).

In the past couple of years, I simply haven't had time to add any new Venues and Vendors or blog posts to the QWB and I haven't written a single blog post or even published one single post to any of the QWB's social media posts.

So, I have decided it is time to simplify my life and rejuvenate the QWB all at the same time.  For that reason, I will be moving the QWB to my photography website ( shortly.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to keep the same directory and search functionality that has been in place here on the QWB and I won't be moving every single listing (I don't want to list photographers on my own photography website obviously).  But, you will still find a large directory of Queenstown Wedding Venues and Vendors and it will be much easier for me to update and add listings regularly once it is combined with my main website.

Thanks for visiting and using the Queenstown Wedding Blog over the years and I hope you'll check the QWB out on it's new home once the move is complete.  (I will add the exact url here and leave this website active for a month or so before switching it off for good).

Patrick, March 2022.

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