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A vintage, rustic and totally stunning Wedding Venue that flies below the radar


I got a call from the owner of Thurlby Domain recently and she told me that, unfortunately, for the time being Thurlby Domain is closed and not accepting any bookings.  They hope to reopen as soon as possible but don’t have a date when this might be yet.  As soon as i hear more, I will update this post.


The owners of Thurlby Domain ARE super keen to have wedding ceremonies at their stunning property.   However, they have never wanted to advertise – which is why they don’t have a website.  For this reason, I haven’t listed their contact details publicly.  If you wish to get in touch with Thurlby Domain, please contact me by email at and I will send you the owner’s contact details.


Thurlby Domain is a stunning historic property located between Queenstown and Arrowtown.  It is set in a semi-rural setting on the beautiful Speargrass Flat Road and is both private and peaceful.  (Note: Thurlby is private property. You must ask permission from the owners to use it).  Thurlby Domain is a surprisingly large property.  It consists of rambling forested grounds, a small pond and creek and the stone ruins of the old Hallenstein Homestead at one end.

The ruins are where most people choose to have their ceremony at Thurlby.  At the other end of the property are the wool-shed, the cow byre, the old stone stables.  The wool-shed is a wooden-floored corrugated iron walled/roofed barn and makes a stunning Reception Venue.  The stone stables make an ideal bad weather back up option for the ceremony.  Having said that, the majority of the ceremonies I have shot in the stables were in good weather.  In each of those cases, the bride and groom fell in love with the stables and decided to have the ceremony there anyway.To me Thurlby feels like  a rambling, long-lost English garden in a world where magic just might still exist.


As of July 2018, Revell and Vicki have finally updated their venue fees.  The new fees are $575 incl. GST for ceremony only or $3,450 incl. GST for Ceremony + Reception.  However, obviously double check the pricing and other details with Vicki when you check availability/book.

I haven’t posted Revell and Vicki’s contact details here for a reason.  This is because, while they love hosting wedding ceremonies at Thurlby, they don’t want their property too heavily promoted.  They feel (and I totally agree) that part of the beauty of Thurlby is the fact that it’s not a wedding factory and it’s kind of off the radar.  If you are keen to have your wedding ceremony at Thurlby Domain please contact me & I will happily tell you all about the place and pass on Revell and Vicki’s contact details.


#1 With its stunning backdrop of ruins/historic buildings and beautiful trees & rambling gardens, Thurlby Domain looks stunning in any weather.

Many Queenstown Wedding Ceremony Venues with mountain & lake views look stunning in good weather.  But in rain or even cloud those views can totally disappear.  When you have a background closer to the camera – eg trees & historic buildings – you can still see that background even in the worst weather.

#2 The old Stone Stables make an amazing bad weather ceremony backup option.

The Stables are, in my opinion, large enough to hold around 100 people for a ceremony. The building known as “The Stables” is long and narrow with a tin roof and stone walls and a cobbled stone floor.  It also has multiple wooden stable-style doors that are gnarled and ancient-looking (and look amazing).   While they are quite dark and moody, the Stables look incredible on camera.  There are skylights along 2/3 of the length of the building which let in a lovely soft light.

On top of this, a few years ago Revell and Vicki put in a string of vintage copper lights.  (Yes, The Stables does have mains electricity but no water or toilets). Note: there is a shallow gutter that runs almost down the centre of the building.  Because it is off-centre, when setting up chairs in Thurlby Domain couples normally set them up with 4 on one side and 3 on the other.  The shallow depression of this gutter combined with the uneven stone cobbles means you will need a carpet aisle runner to safely navigate your aisle.

#3 beautiful in all seasons.

If I had to pick the season that Thurlby Domain looks the most beautiful I would have to say autumn.  But it also looks amazing in summer, spring and winter.  And it is hard to pick when the autumn colours will look their best so it is difficult to pick the perfect date for a Thurlby Domain autumn wedding.

#4 peaceful and private.

Thurlby Domain is set in the countryside on a quiet back road.  This location combined with its large & beautiful rambling grounds with lots of trees make it a very tranquil and relaxing place to get married.

In my experience, the kind of couples that choose Thurlby Domain Queenstown Wedding Venue for their Wedding Ceremony are generally down to earth, natural & relaxed.  As a Queenstown Wedding Photographer, this makes them pretty much my Dream Couples.  So when couples contact me about the possibility of using Thurlby Domain for their Wedding Ceremony Venue, I pretty much know straight away they are going to be my kind of people.


  1. As mentioned above, the owners of Thurlby aren’t keen on having “many (if any)” Wedding Receptions at Thurlby Domain in the near future.  (They are still totally open to Ceremonies).  While this isn’t a definite no, it means that it may be more difficult in the future to secure a Thurlby Domain Wedding Reception.
  2. If they do allow your Reception, Thurlby Domain has an 11pm curfew.  This, combined with it’s rural location, means it’s not ideal for those couples who want to party late into the night.
  3. Thurlby Domain is a totally blank canvas DIY venue.  Nothing is included.  There are no toilets or running water at Thurlby Domain.  Only electricity is available – at the Stables and the Woolshed (barn).  It is easy to rent a portaloo, which takes care of the toilet situation.  And if you are planning a Ceremony only at Thurlby Domain the lack of running water isn’t a problem.  But renting portaloos will add to your costs obviously and not all guests are willing to use a portaloo.  You will probably also want to rent some chairs and a PA system.  (Although your celebrant may have their own PA system they can bring).  This means it’s a lot more work, especially for out of town couples planning a Thurlby Domain Destination Wedding.


If you fall in love with Thurlby and decide to host your wedding there, make sure you check out Jewel On Speargrass Boutique Batch Accommodation and Getting Ready Location.  It is located over the fence from Thurlby and makes an ideal Getting Ready Location for Thurlby Domain bridal parties.  You can book Jewel On Speargrass through the lovely ladies at Relax It’s Done.


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