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I believe great Wedding Photography should be 100% relaxed, natural & fun. Because your wedding day is actually meant to be fun!
Open all day every day. (I drink a lot of coffee!).


I believe great wedding photography can and should be relaxed, natural and fun. I specialise in Queenstown Wedding Photography for adventurous, fun-loving couples. Because your wedding day is actually meant to be fun! I’ve been working as a full-time Queenstown wedding photographer since 2002 and have been a Queenstown local since 1996. If you’d like to know how I can help you capture your wedding day with photos that are relaxed, natural and beautiful give me a bell – I’d love to hear from you. Patrick

P.S. As well as being a full-time Queenstown Wedding Photographer over at Fallon Photography I am also the author of this, The Queenstown Wedding Blog.  (You can check out my listing for Fallon Photography under Wedding Photographers here on the Wedding Blog).


Of course, I am always happy to talk to couples about Wedding Photography.  But if for any reason you chat with me and decide I’m not the right man for the job when it comes to photographing your wedding, I am more than happy to put my Wedding Blogger hat on and help you out with information and advice as much as I can.  So don’t feel that if you talk to me about Wedding Photography but then end up booking another Queenstown Wedding Photographer that I won’t want to reply to your emails or help you out with info and advice for your Queenstown Wedding.


As a Queenstown Wedding Photographer, I like to create Custom Wedding Photography Packages for all my couples as I feel that this results in the best possible value for money for you and also a wedding day and wedding photos that are more “you”.  If you’re interested in learning more about the type of Wedding Photography Options I can provide for you and your wedding day, please get in touch by email at weddings@fallon.co.nz or give me a bell on +64(0)21737356.  (In order to tailor Custom Wedding Photography Packages for you and your wedding day I will create what I call a Guesstimate Wedding Timeline for your wedding day.  Although many of the details will probably change between now and your wedding day, most couples find this Guesstimate Wedding Timeline super helpful in wrapping their heads around what will likely happen when on the wedding day, how long the various photos and bits of the day are likely to take and which locations/photos we will likely have time for and which we won’t.

If you are keen to have a chat with me (or any other Wedding Photographer for that matter) I would recommend we have a video chat via Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Wechat etc.  The reason I recommend a video chat to all my couples is because a video chat is the next best thing to meeting in person and therefore a great way of figuring out if we’re a good fit for each other.  If you decide I am the right man for the job and end up booking me to photograph your Wedding then the other good thing about having had a video chat is we will already feel like we know each other a little bit before we even meet in person.  And the more comfortable you are with your Wedding Photographer and the more they get to know about you and your fiance before your wedding, the more relaxed, natural and beautiful your Wedding Photos will be.

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