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Sailing on The Million Dollar Cruise boat could be a really unique way to provide water transport either for your Bridal Party or your Wedding Party if you are planning a lakeside Queenstown Wedding.  (A Hilton Resort Queenstown Wedding anyone?). Or perhaps you could get really crazy and actually have your Elopement or small Queenstown Wedding aboard The Million Dollar Cruise boat itself?  I am in touch with the owners about the possibilities and will post more info here as and when I have it.  In the meantime, here’s what the Million Dollar Cruise Website has to say…

By Patrick Fallon, author of The Queenstown Wedding Blog and Full-time Queenstown Wedding Photographer at Fallon Photography.

“Hi and welcome to the Million Dollar Cruise! Betty and I established the company with a commitment to become the very best scenic lake cruise in Queenstown.

Wayne & Betty Perkins - owners of Queenstown Lake Cruise company, Million Dollar Cruise

We’re delighted to say we think we have well and truly achieved our goal. Our immaculate vessel has been totally refurbished and is widely considered to be the nicest sightseeing boat in Queenstown.

Further to that we were determined to create the most scenic, diverse and interesting Queenstown cruise possible in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. From the amazing feedback that we’ve received and continue to receive it would appear that we’ve well and truly done it.

Both of us, our children and our staff are all long-term localswith an intimate and comprehensive knowledge of the extensive history, mining, geology, development, farming, stunning homes and the wonderful birdlife that Queenstown has to offer.

We are very proud of our reputation and our position and would love the opportunity to show you our Queenstown from the water!”

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