1. Elise Miller

    Good morning,

    My partner and i are getting married on 5th of september 2014 at Mount Soho Winery. is it possible to have a pricelist or your prices including costs of a helicopter as well for heli photography.

    thank you and kind regards,

    Elise Miller

  2. Gilly

    Hi, I am getting married on the 28 feb 2014 at Mount Soho. Am I able to see a price list please.

    1. Hi Gilly,

      Just checking…did you get my email with the wedding photography packages ok?
      Apologies once again for the delay in getting back to you. To try to make it up to you I’m happy to offer you a killer deal on whichever wedding photography package you choose. Email me at weddings@fallon.co.nz for more info. Take care, Patrick.

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