Covid-19 Wedding Planning Resources

I thought I would share some super helpful Covid-19 Wedding Planning Resources for couples planning a wedding in the next few months.

Let’s face it, none of us know what the future holds for us all over the next 6 – 12 months.  But if you’re planning a wedding in this period, the following articles are guaranteed to help you in your planning.

Some helpful Covid-19 Wedding Planning Resources

Official Covid-19 NZ Government Info

This website should be your first port of call when checking out the latest on the current NZ Covid-19 situation.  (There is a lot of misinformation out there so try to gather your info from reputable sources).

What to know if you’re planning a Wedding During the Coronavirus Pandemic by

This article is geared heavily towards the US but offers good sound advice that can be applied to NZ as well.

Covid-19 Queenstown Wedding Situation by Fallon Photography (my alter ego).

This is a blog post by yours truly over on our sister Fallon Photography blog.

Originally, this was an “everything Covid-19 and Queenstown wedding” article.  But, since then I have refined this blog post so it’s mostly focused on the current Covid-19 situation in NZ and any government restrictions/regulations in place.

Covid-19 Wedding Planning by Fallon Photography.

This was a follow-up article I wrote after the above blog post.  This one is all about talking couples through the major options to consider when it comes to wedding planning during Covid-19.

Covid 19 coronavirus: Lockdown no barrier to Kiwi couple’s front lawn wedding by the NZ Herald.

Something a little bit lighter to boost morale!  (Although, I should point out that most NZ celebrants and other vendors are unlikely to be willing to attend a wedding until self-isolation ends.  Obviously, during self-isolation you are meant to self-isolate unless your business is essential services).

I will continue to add more Covid-19 Wedding Planning Resources as and when I find them.  Do check in from time to time for updates.

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And if you need any Queenstown wedding planning advice or even just somebody (who gets it) to talk to, you can schedule a chat with me here.

Keep calm and coffee on!