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I have had a few enquiries from my brides about Queenstown wedding hair stylists recently and this made me realise that it was about time I posted some info on the subject here on the blog.  I also stumbled upon an interview I did earlier in the year with Amanda Berryman, who is the main […]

I have had a few enquiries from my brides about Queenstown wedding hair stylists recently and this made me realise that it was about time I posted some info on the subject here on the blog.  I also stumbled upon an interview I did earlier in the year with Amanda Berryman, who is the main wedding hair stylist at Crew Stylists of Hair here in Queenstown.

I have included this interview below because if you are looking for  a wedding hair stylist I think you will find it very helpful.  It contains some useful tips and general info on the subject.  I will also put a listing for Amanda Berryman/Crew Stylists of Hair and also for two other local & mobile wedding hair stylists and a wedding make-up expert.

In case you can’t wait, here are the contact details for Amanda Berryman and Crew Stylists of Hair;

Amanda Berryman (senior wedding hair stylist), Crew Stylists of Hair

Phone: +64(0)3 441 8555 – email: – web:

Crew Stylists of Hair Queenstown wedding hair stylists
Screenshot from the Crew website.

Righty-ho,  here’s the details of the chat I had with Amanda earlier in the year – I hope you find it useful.



Hi Amanda, who is the best wedding specialist at Crew?

That would be me – I do roughly 70% of the weddings we handle at Crew.

Do you do wedding hair and make-up trials?

We offer a free 15 minute consultation.  Some people will use that to come and meet me.  That has to be booked in and scheduled.  The trial is the same price as on the day – because often the trial can take longer.

How long does bridal hair and make-up normally take?

It normally takes around 2 hours for both the hair and the make-up.  And then you usually leave them half an hour or 45 minutes to get dressed afterwards

Can you travel to the bride?

We are the only professional salon in town offering a call-out service and it is a great option.  It means that you can be styled in your slippers and dressing gown!  It also means that if the weather isn’t good your hair and make-up isn’t exposed to the weather as you travel between the salon and the venue.  However call-outs are quite a bit more expensive.  The minimum call-out fee is $180, no matter what.  This is because we have to allow for the time it takes us to pack all our equipment into the car and travel to the bride, as well as actually do the work.

With the call-outs how does it usually work with the hair and the make-up – do you bring along another person for the make-up?

I do both.

How does it work then with several bridesmaids and a bride?

We have to work in with the time.  Once we know what time they need to be ready we’ll work out what needs to be done, who’s available and what times everything needs to happen by.  Two weekends ago we had fourteen services (seven hair and seven make-up) and we had four stylists on the call-out.

If we’re outside normal salon hours then there’s a sign-out rate for that, and if we need to bring extra stylists or assistants then obviously that costs extra.

If your clients are big make-up people they often want you to use their own make-up.  But at the end of the day we know our own products and how they work best.  We use what’s called a prep and prime.  So you layer your products so you’ve got your durability, shine factor, all those kind of things.


One of my brides was curious as to why there seem to be different prices for wedding/bridal hair than a regular hair styling?

It’s all charged out at an hourly rate.  So basically anyone that wants an hour that’s what they pay – it’s no more for a bride.  Usually need 15 minutes more with a bride – it depends if they’re getting their veil pinned, that sort of thing.  It normally takes an hour 15 for a bride, everybody else takes an hour.

So really it depends upon the look they want – whether they want a polished wedding, whether they want something to photography well.  How you see yourself when you put your make-up on every day is totally different to how a fresh person can look at your assets and see what you can’t see.

Any general hair-styling tips for all the brides-to-be out there?


Wash your hair the day before your wedding, not on the day.  We need it clean but not wet.

The climate is very harsh here in Queenstown so use exfoliating cream on your skin and lips to avoid them drying out and use sun-screen.

(Patrick: make sure you use sun-screen in the last few days before the wedding as well as on the wedding day.  I have photographed bright pink grooms before and there’s not much I can do to fix that!  The sun is incredibly strong here and you will burn like you’ve never burned before if you don’t use sunscreen).

Carry a bottle of Rescue Remedy with you on the big day (you spray it on your tongue).  It’s great for calming the nerves.

Eye Whitener is handy to avoid bloodshot eyes.

Make sure your eye-brows are well-groomed and do it a couple of days before the wedding so there are no red marks/puffiness on the wedding day itself.


The groomsmen should consider male make-up.  Your bride is doing everything she can to look gorgeous for you on the big day, why not show you care by making a little effort yourself?

If you are going to get a hair cut get it done roughly 10 days before the wedding.  That way you won’t have any white tan lines showing, but your hair cut will still look tidy.

Male hair & make-up takes around half an hour per person.




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