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Who/what is The Queenstown Wedding Blog???

Hello, my name is Patrick Fallon and I’m the author of The Queenstown Wedding Blog.  I am also a Queenstown Wedding Photographer.  (View my Wedding Portfolio by clicking here, read what my couples are saying about me by clicking here and get in touch by clicking here).  I started the Queenstown Wedding Blog to make it easier for my couples to find info on Queenstown Wedding Venues and Vendors.  Originally, I only shared the Venues and Vendors I loved and worked with but I have decided that this Blog will be much more useful to all you couples out there if I opened it up to any and all Queenstown Wedding Venues & Vendors.  I will continually be adding more Venues & Vendors so keep checking in to stay up to date with the latest info.  I hope you find this blog useful, Patrick.

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