Help!! I need your advice on some big changes to our Queenstown Wedding Venue Directory.

I’m thinking of making some big changes to the Queenstown Wedding Blog, in particular which Venues are listed in the Queenstown Wedding Venue Directory on our Venues Page and how that page looks and functions.  (Notes: None of these changes involve advertising.  I will probably be making similar changes to the Vendors Page in the near future).  But before I make any changes I would like to find out what you, the people using the Blog, think…

Should I open the Venues Page up to include Queenstown Wedding Venues I haven’t worked with yet?

  • The advantage with doing so is obviously I can dramatically increase the number of Venues on the blog and therefore make it a more valuable resource for couples planning a Queenstown Wedding.
  • The downside is that it means I am listing Venues I haven’t worked with and so can’t personally recommend.  (When I talk about venues I have worked with, I mean in my role as a Queenstown Wedding Photographer.  In addition to being the author of The Queenstown Wedding Blog, I am also a full time Queenstown Wedding Photographer and the owner of Fallon Photography).

If I go ahead and start adding Venues I haven’t worked with yet, I will need to change the format of the page to make it easier to read and easier for people to find the info they’re looking for.

I would love to get your input before I make any changes so that hopefully you, the people actually using the Blog, find it easier to use and more informative.  If you can spare 5 minutes out of your busy days, let me know how you feel about the following by posting your comments here on this blog post;

  • Should I include Queenstown Wedding Venues I haven’t worked with (as a wedding photographer) before here on the Blog or not?
  • Would it be helpful/reassuring if I somehow differentiated between those Venues I have worked with and those I have not?  Furthermore, would it also be helpful if I marked those Venues that are my favourites and I love working with?
  • What info is most helpful to you in your search for your Dream Queenstown Wedding Venue/Vendor?  Eg website, phone number, email, main contact person’s name, capacity of venue, years in the wedding industry, sample photos of recent weddings, brief description/bio etc.
  • Would it be helpful to you to be able to download a spreadsheet with a list of all the Queenstown Wedding Venues and Vendors?
  • Would it be helpful to be able to download/get emailed a more detailed Venue/Vendor report on those Venues and Vendors I have worked with before?

Right, that’s all I can think of for now.  Please do take the time to share your thoughts with me by commenting on this post.  Your input is super helpful.



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