An apology and a plea for help…

First things first, it’s been a fair old while since I published anything here on the Queenstown Wedding Blog.  So apologies to all my readers for the radio silence!  It’s been a crazy-busy summer (I’m not complaining) and winter looks like much the same.  But today at least I am reasonably free and I thought I would take this opportunity to check in and also to ask you all for your input on something I’m working on for the blog.  (I think all you couples out there planning a Queenstown wedding will find super this tool super useful.  But I need your help!!)

I am updating the Queenstown Wedding Blog and I would like to add a more comprehensive list of wedding venues and wedding venue info.  But I really need your input to make sure I ask these venues the right questions.

If any of you out there are already on the hunt for your dream Queenstown wedding venue and you have a list of must ask questions, I would love it if you could share them with me here.

For what it’s worth, below is the list of Venue questions I have come up with so far;

  • Ceremony only?/Reception only?/both?
  • If you offer ceremonies what is the max capacity for outdoor ceremonies?
  • What is your bad-weather ceremony back-up option?
  • Maximum seating capacity in biggest room?
  • Does this still allow room for dance floor and band/DJ?
  • Maximum seating capacity other rooms?
  • Minimum booking criteria?
  • Exclusive use – possible?/mandatory?
  • What is the curfew?
  • Required vendor list?
  • Linen, chairs, silverware, glassware provided?
  • Do you provide catering?
  • Is BYO an option?
  • Do you offer an on-site wedding co-ordinator?
  • Who is the best person (name, email, mobile) to contact with any questions?
  • Describe the style of your venue in 3 words (eg vintage, rustic, peaceful).

What do you think?  Any must ask questions I’m missing?  Any questions in the above list that you think I should ditch?

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