New Queenstown Wedding Vendors care of The Queenstown Wedding Association.

Well, it was a very productive morning this morning for The Queenstown Wedding Blog and The Queenstown Wedding Associaition (a.k.a. the QWA).

The QWA was holding a meeting to introduce several new Queenstown Wedding Pros the rest of it’s members.  The meeting was held at the beautiful Bathhouse Cafe Bar & Restaurant here in Queenstown and when I wasn’t scoffing the complimentary coffee and scones (with jam and whipped cream of course!) I managed to chat to a whole raft of new & awesome Queenstown Wedding Vendors.

Well, I don’t have time to add them all to the Blog right now but let’s start the whole “new Queenstown wedding vendor” ball rolling with Everlasting Daisies.


Di Bowbyes / Email: / Mobile: +64(0)21326793 / Web:

I had a good chat with Di and she told me a little bit about her business.  Formerly based in Auckland, where she worked in the wedding industry with her artificial flower business for several years, Di has now re-located to Queenstown where she has opened up a retail shop at The Landing in Frankton and is also servicing local weddings.

Probably the first thing that people think of when they hear the words “artificial flowers” is that they will be cheesy, look fake and cheap and generally be in poor taste.

I have to say, as a photographer who has shot a LOT of weddings whether I looked at the sample wedding photos or the sample flowers themselves I could not tell that they were not real.  Di said she can even make them smell nice if you want!  Di also mentioned that because the flowers are inorganic it means that brides can actually take their flower arrangements home with them without any customs/bio-security issues and keep them indefinitely once they get home.

I imagine that some of the other advantages with artificial flowers might be;

  • No worries about guest/bridal party allergies.
  • Not being limited by which flowers are “in season”.
  • Being able to arrange your flowers well before the wedding date and not having to worry that they will wilt from heat/lack of water/age.
  • Knowing exactly what your flowers will look like on the day – the exact colour, size and shape.

Hopefully the above opens your eyes to the possibilities of artificial flowers.  If you want to know more, pop in to see Di at her shop in Frankton, Queenstown or get in touch via phone or email.



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