The Queenstown Wedding Blog needs your help!! (Plus: 14 questions to ask your Queenstown Wedding Venue).

Ok folks-icles, the Queenstown Wedding Blog needs your help!

I have got a slightly daunting but very exciting project lined up for The Queenstown Wedding Blog but I desperately need some input from you about-to-get married types (and already-married-types) for that matter.

I have started working on a comprehensive list of Queenstown Wedding Venues that couples planning a Queenstown wedding can use to search for their perfect wedding venue.  This list will be searchable and also filter-able by keyword/data, so it should really make the hunt for the perfect Queenstown Wedding Venue a lot less painfull.

But (and this is where you come in) I would LOVE some input on the type of information that would be most helpful to you in selecting a venue to check out in more depth.

Below is a list of the questions I have come up with so far.  Are there any important ones I’ve missed?  Or any that you think I should scratch off the list?  (Keep in mind that the answers to these questions will go into a database for all and sundry to use, so I won’t be asking things like “Is such-and-such a date available?”.  I’m really trying to focus on the key questions that will be the most help in narrowing down your list of potential Queenstown wedding venues).

Right, without further ado, here’s my list of questions to put in the database so far;

  1. How many guests does the venue hold?
  2. Does your venue offer Ceremonies only, Receptions only, or Ceremonies and Receptions?
  3. (If planning an outdoor ceremony) Is there a bad-weather backup option that will accommodate all my guests?
  4. What’s your pricing structure and what’s included in the venue fee?  (e.g. pricing structure is a set venue fee that includes the venue, chairs, tables, silverware etc but does not include any catering or bar-tab).
  5. Is there a minimum spend for food/alcohol etc?
  6. Is booking the venue for exclusive use compulsory and is this included in the venue fee above?  If not, is exclusive use an option?
  7. Is there a curfew?
  8. Are there any sound restrictions?
  9. Is there a required/preferred vendor list?  Can we use other vendors?
  10. Do you have your own wedding coordinator?
  11. What services are included with the venue co-ordinator and are there additional charges?
  12. Will the coordinator serve as day-of coordinator?
  13. Can we do wedding rehearsal at the venue and is there a charge for this?
  14. Do you offer accommodation?  If so, how many rooms do you have and what configuration?  What is the cost?

If you have any killer questions to add to the list you can either comment here or email me at

And even if you don’t have anything to add to the above list, if a comprehensive list of Queenstown Wedding Venues is something that you would love (or would have loved to have) to have to help you plan your Queenstown wedding, let me know with a comment below.

Oh, and the list of questions above and I both owe a big thankyou to the and this article.

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