Thurlby Domain now open for receptions & updated venue fees

Just a wee update on the beautiful and very special Thurlby Domain (in case you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s a Queenstown wedding venue – and a rather amazing one in my opinion).  Two things…


Recently Revell and Vicki have started allowing wedding receptions as well as ceremonies at Thurlby Domain.  I had the pleasure of shooting my first wedding reception at Thurlby Domain this past May (2016).  The couple in question was the awesome duo of Georgina and Peter and their wedding was simply stunning.  I was certain Thurlby Domain would be just as amazing for receptions as ceremonies and (thankfully) I was not wrong!  Check out the venues page here on the Queenstown Wedding Blog for sample photos and more info.


As of July 2016, Revell and Vicki have finally updated their venue fees for Thurlby Domain.  The new fees are $230 incl. GST to have photos only at Thurlby Domain, $575 incl. GST for a wedding ceremony and $3,450 incl. GST for ceremony and reception.  However, obviously double check the pricing and other details with Vicki when you check availability/book.

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