#WeddingProductivity Hack #1 – Email (part 1 of 2)

UPDATED 6 OCT. 2016: In the months since I posted this post I have been testing out a bunch of other email apps to see if I can find “the perfect” email app for me and my business.  I’m still writing up the results but I will post them in the next 2 weeks.

(For those that are interested and want to do some testing of their own, in addition to Inbox by Google I am also testing out Polymail, Airmail Beta, and Newton (formerly known as CloudMagic).

It occurred to me the other day that the very tools/software I use to run my business and life as a wedding photographer are tools that would be super helpful for couples planning a wedding.

I use a variety of applications (apps from here on in) to manage my email, to-do list and calendar amongst other aspects of my digital life.  These apps are very powerful, easy to use, they’re almost all free and they greatly reduce the stress of a  busy work/life.  And I know that for you couples planning “the biggest day of your life” these very same apps will help you;

  • Keep on top of your emails – “Inbox zero” every day anyone?  (That’s geek-speak for a clean and empty email inbox).
  • Remember emails that need actioning and to-do list items that need doing – when they need doing!
  • Schedule meetings (even with multiple vendors/people) more quickly and easily
  • Even see if that vendor you emailed has opened your email/clicked the link (sneak yes I know)
  • Create re-useable built-in email templates that you can use to tweak-and-send multiple versions of the same email to different vendors.
  • Greatly reduce the stress of planning a wedding.
  • And probably a few other things I’m not thinking of right now…

Right, without further ado, let’s jump right in.  I’ll cover a bunch of apps over the next few weeks, focusing on email, to-do lists and calendar apps and we will cover all of the points in the bulleted list above by the end but for now let’s start with #WeddingProductivity Hack #1 – Email (part 1 of 2).  Here goes nothing…

(Just click on the image below to access the video).


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