Queenstown Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Josh Hutchinson of Choice As Wedding Films (aka Choice As Media)


This week’s Queenstown Wedding Vendor Spotlight is the super-talented Josh Hutchinson of Choice As Wedding Films a.k.a. Choice As Media.  (I know I’m going to have to come up with other words than “talented” to describe the amazing vendors we feature here on the Queenstown Wedding Blog in our Queenstown Wedding Vendor Spotlight.  But they ARE all amazingly talented people, otherwise we wouldn’t be spotlighting them!).

Josh is a great guy and amazing filmer.  We’ve worked together on a few weddings now and he’s always so much fun to work with – it is a down-to-earth, fun and stress free experience, which is what you (and I!) want out of your wedding day.  For this reason he’s the only videographer I really recommend at this point.

Anyway, don’t take my work for it, check out Josh’s wedding work here.  And get to know him a little bit by reading the below Vendor Spotlight.

Right, tally ho!  Here’s this week’s Queenstown Wedding Vendor spotlight – Josh Hutchinson of Choice As Wedding Films…


Name                      Josh Hutchinson

Company                Choice As Wedding Films

Email Address         choiceasmedia@gmail.com

Phone Number       +64(0)210404824


If you had to sum up your business/how you do what you do in 3 words, what would those 3 words be?

Creative, Passionate, Natural

How long have you been working in your chosen profession/in the wedding industry?

6 years Filming / 1 year within the wedding industry

How did you get into your profession/the whole wedding thing in the first place?  What’s your story?

I was looking at extending my business, so I thought I would give wedding filming a go and have never looked back, They are a lot of fun and love the freedom to get creative!

What’s the craziest wedding experience you’ve encountered in your professional career?  How did you deal with it?  What did you learn from it?

So far things have been pretty normal, nothing too crazy, just the normal busy wedding day but I am sure I will encounter some craziness in the future!

Can you tell us about one of your proudest moments as a wedding pro?

After delivering a film to a couple, getting amazing feedback definitely makes me feel proud & never gets old!

Do you have any tips/words of wisdom for all the brides- and grooms-to-be out there?  (Can be related to your profession or just general wedding wisdom).

Having a wedding film that truly captures all the emotions and atmosphere of your special day is priceless.

Ok, last question, and this is a very important one…if you could be any super-hero (or villain) you wanted who would you be and why?  If you’re not into super-heros you can replace the word “super-hero” with “movie character”.

Not sure how many people will remember him but Captain Planet would have to be my favourite super hero back from the 90’s, all about saving the planet!

Right folks, hopefully you feel like you know a little bit more about this mysterious Josh guy now (although I have no idea who Captain Planet is – I must be too old for that super-hero?).  Hopefully now if you’re looking for a wedding filmer you will feel comfortable to reach out to Josh with an email or a phone call.  He’s a super nice guy so don’t be shy!

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