How to choose the wedding photography style that is right for you

I’m going to be very up-front about today’s post: I don’t think focusing hugely (terrible English, I know – sorry Mum!) on photography style when choosing your photographer is necessarily the smartest way to approach things.  BUT if you are in an area where there are a lot of wedding photographers and you are feeling a little bit over-whelmed by all the options, considering what kind of photography style fits you and your wedding the best might just help you narrow things down somewhat.  Or at least give you some inspiration and direction.

So if the box next to “Book a wedding photographer” on your to-do list doesn’t have a tick in it and you don’t even know where to begin…

  1. Read this great post from The Knot –
  2. Use our friend Mr Google to do a bit more research on the various styles mentioned in the above post and see if you can find some photos that fall under any of these styles that you really dig.
  3. When talking to potential wedding photographers you don’t necessarily need to name the wedding photography style you like, but certainly being able to send them samples of the kind of photos you love might help them figure out the kind of look you are after.
  4. Don’t necessarily believe every photographer who tells you they can shoot in a certain style, especially when all the work you have seen from them is of a totally different style.  But certainly some photographers will be more flexible with the final look of their images than others.

I hope this helps!  I’ll be writing more posts on wedding photography and wedding photography styles this month so stay tuned.

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