Queenstown Wedding Vendor Spotlight: wedding florist Sarah Gutschlag of The Flower Room

This week’s Queenstown Wedding Vendor Spotlight is on the ridiculously talented wedding florist Sarah Gutschlag of The Flower Room.

I literally cannot sing Sarah’s praises enough, both for the quality of her work and also her super friendly personality and “above-and-beyond” service.  Sarah is the only wedding florist I recommend and she’s so good I recommend her to practically every couple I speak to.  Anyway, you get the idea, she’s amazing, her flowers are amazing, amazing amazing amazing.  (Too many amazings?).

So without further ado, here’s this week’s Queenstown Wedding Vendor spotlight…


Name: Sarah Gutschlag

Company: The Flower Room

Email Address: weddings@theflowerroom.co.nz

Phone Number: 0272293123


Hello Sarah!  First of all, thanks for taking the time to tell us a bit about yourself and your business.  

Right, first question: if you had to sum up your business/how you do what you do in 3 words, what would those 3 words be?

Creative, bespoke, botanical

How did you get into your profession/the whole wedding thing in the first place?  What’s your story?

I initially had trained through the NZ Professional Florist Association at a florist in Gore, near my hometown in Southland, before I travelled off to spend some time in the states. Whilst I was contemplating my next direction in life, a small florist store came up for sale in Queenstown, a place that had always inspired my creative side through the landscape and amazing seasons, so decided to take the plunge into business at the ripe young age of 20! From there the flower business changed to reflect the addition of our children into our lives and evolved over some years from retail sales through to what we do now – which is specialising exclusively in wedding and event floristry.

Can you tell us about one of your proudest moments as a wedding pro?

I think just being a part of so many weddings in Queenstown in general is something that I am very proud of, but some highlights would be some of the celebrity weddings we have designed for, such as Dean Barker, Ali Williams and Petra Bagust. We also were lucky to be the florist for Yao Chen’s wedding who is one of the most well known Chinese movie stars, she was married at St Peters Church in Queenstown and it was great publicity for Queenstown in China.

Do you have any tips/words of wisdom for all the brides- and grooms-to-be out there?  (Can be related to your profession or just general wedding wisdom).

Trust the professionals you are working with as our town is lucky to have such amazing talent, and don’t stress the small stuff!

Ok, last question, and this is a very important one…if you could be any super-hero (or villain) you wanted who would you be and why?  (If you’re not into super-heros you can replace the word “super-hero” with “movie character”).

I think Hermione from Harry Potter, as a magic wand would be super helpful in the fresh flower industry!

Thanks Sarah!

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