7 tips for an amazing Queenstown heli-wedding – PART 2

I just realised that when I wrote my post “7 tips for an amazing Queenstown heli-wedding – PART 1” recently I forgot THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP OF ALL IF YOU WANT TO PULL OFF THE PERFECT QUEENSTOWN HELI-WEDDING…

It is simply this…have more than one day you can fly/get married and be prepared to be flexible with dates and times when it comes to the whole heli-wedding thing.

If you want to give yourself even more chance of having an awesome heli-wedding and you don’t live in Queenstown then you should consider booking your heli-wedding for the earliest possible date during your stay in Queenstown.

That way, if the weather is sub-optimal (that’s fancy pro photographer talk for “crappy”) on the date you have booked you can simply re-schedule for a later day where the weather forecast looks better.

Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking: “How can I reschedule my wedding?  I’ve got the makeup artist booked, the hair stylist, the celebrant, the photographer, we’ve got plans for the rest of our days in Queenstown…”

Obviously not all couples are going to be able to be flexible with the date of their heli-wedding.  There may be too many vendors/things to re-schedule, you may not have much more time in Queenstown, your celebrant/photographer/heli company may only be available on the one day etc etc.  But if you CAN be flexible with when you fly/get married you have a much better chance of;

  1. Actually being able to fly and have your wedding ceremony on that dramatic mountain-top.
  2. Having beautiful weather for your wedding (which often means not only beautiful photos but a warmer more comfortable ceremony).


(“Bonus Tip” is code for “another tip I forgot to include in the original post…”).

Just yesterday I got booked to shoot a sunrise heli-wedding at one of Queenstown’s most popular heli-locations and I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM ABOUT THIS HELI-WEDDING.  Why?  Because (if the weather behaves at all) the light should be amazing on the mountain-top at sunrise.  Which leads me to my bonus Heli-wedding tip;


That’s it, that’s the bonus tip – it really is that simple.  When you have your ceremony earlier or later in the day the sun is lower in the sky, which means two things to us photographers;

  1. The light will be that stunning warm, golden colour that you get at magic hour – a quality of light that adds romance and magic to ANY photo and instantly ups the Wow! factor.
  2. The angle of the sun will be lower, which means more flattering shadows.  If you get your photos taken outside in the middle of the day, or even close to the middle of the day, without any other lighting you will have unattractive shadows underneath your nose, chin and eyes.  When the sun is low in the sky you avoid these horrible shadows and get much more attractive side-, back- or rim-light.  Which us photographers drool over – and you will too once you see your photos!

Right, this time I think I really have covered everything.  (If not I’ll post a Part 3!).  I hope you find this info useful.

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