Get more relaxed, natural & beautiful wedding photos with this one simple trick

Wow, that blog post title sounds like I’m about to try and sell you a set of Ginsu 2000 steak knives, or teach you “how to get rippling abs in just 6 weeks!”.  But it’s nothing like that (unfortunately, I’d quite like rippling abs myself).

Instead, I’m going to give you one simple tip that can help you get more relaxed, natural and beautiful photos on your wedding day – no matter who your photographer is.

The simple tip is this: do a pre-wedding photo shoot with your chosen photographer.  Trust me, it’s amazing what a difference this will make to your wedding photos and is worth paying a little extra for if your package doesn’t already include a pre-wedding shoot.

So why does doing a pre-wedding shoot pretty much guarantee you more beautiful wedding photos?  Because you get to;

  1. Get a feel for what it’s like to be in front of the camera (and hopefully realise it’s much easier and more fun than you thought).
  2. Get comfortable with your wedding photographer (after all, sometimes couples haven’t even met their photographer in person before the wedding day and have only communicated via email – and Skype if you’re lucky!).
  3. It’s also a great opportunity to scout venues and locations for your location photos together and also just go over the details before your Big Day.
  4. Often (but not always) the grooms aren’t as keen about the whole wedding photography thing as their brides.  By doing a pre-wedding shoot and actually enjoying it (I tip the scales in my favour by bringing food, coffee, beer, whatever it takes…) it takes a weight off their mind and they actually get a lot more into the actual wedding photos on the day as a result.

After recently giving a free One Hour Pre-Wedding Shoot to a couple a few days before their wedding I realised what an amazing difference it made to how comfortable they were with me, how comfortable I was with them and how beautiful their wedding photos looked as a result.  Also, in the end the weather was pretty wild on their wedding day so although we got some beautiful and dramatic photos  on the wedding day itself the pre-wedding photos in perfect photo weather and amazing light really added to their wedding slideshow.  Anyway, I was instantly sold on the concept and in fact now offer Free One Hour Pre-Wedding Shoots to every couple who books a wedding photography package with me.

If you’ve already booked your photographer I would suggest you have a chat to them about the possibility of adding a pre-wedding shoot to your package.  If you are still looking for a wedding photographer you can check out my work at and you can get in touch with me to learn more about the Wedding and Pre-Wedding Photography Packages I can offer at

Oh yeah, I almost forgot…you can view some sample Wedding and Pre-wedding Shoot photos  from Lauren & Nick’s wild and wonderful Queenstown wedding on my Fallon Photography website by clicking on this link.

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