The $2,595 Queenstown Wedding Goodness Giveaway is done and dusted!

If you’re just seeing this post for the first time now the bad news is I have drawn this giveaway already.  The lucky winners are Emma and Jayden of Queenstown.

Well, this is kind of old but very exciting news (because of our shift to new servers I haven’t been able to post on the Blog for a couple of weeks) and many of you may be well aware of it but I thought I had better post something here on the Blog just in case you missed it…

The short version is this: 2015 has been a hell of year and I’m keen to;

(a) Celebrate


(b) Give a little something back to all you amazing couples out there.

Soooooooo……..I’m giving away $2,595 worth of Queenstown Wedding Goodness.  For the full details and to enter click here.  And good luck!!

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