3 Wedding Traditions you should totally ditch!

Adhering to some old school wedding traditions can be romantic, solidifying your new eternal love by doing the same acts that other couples have done for hundreds of years. That’s all fine and dandy if that works for you or if you have religious origins or time-honoured family traditions, if it feels right then go for gold.

But this is your day, and you and your significant other are starting your forever-bond as a team. In fact, passing up dated customs and traditions can not only save your budget, but it also creates an opportunity to focus more time on the parts of your wedding that are the most fun and exciting for you both. You could even start your own unique tradition or trend by skipping on these three ‘traditional’ wedding elements…..so skip away!

  1. Having the bride’s family pay for everything.

“For better or worse, for richer or poorer”….weddings are really expensive — like, enough for a deposit on a house kind of expensive—so why make one family (the Brides’) bear the brunt of the financial burden? If a grandparent or a quirky aunt wants to help ease the financial pressure, then by all means take them up on it and thank them profusely. Just don’t expect it. ‘Back in the day’ it was common for the father of the bride to be responsible for the engagement party, the invitations, the wedding dress, and the wedding reception (so, basically all the ‘big ticket’ items), but this, like many other wedding traditions, uncomfortably reinforces the idea that brides are being “gifted” to grooms. And what happens when there are two wives or two grooms for that matter? Pay for the wedding you can afford, accept help where you can, and take comfort in the fact that if you’re paying the bills, you’re in charge.

  1. Having a big poufy White dress

Now, Queen Victoria started this trend back in 1840, which is now popular in the Western world. Before then Brides of the day would simply wear their best dress. Brides of today however can have a lot more fun and freedom when it comes to choosing a wedding dress. Why not make a bold statement and go for a bold coloured dress? Elizabeth Taylor did, who first married two-time husband Richard Burton in 1964 in a hot canary yellow gown with a wild floral headdress. Unconventional? Yes. Beautiful? Absolutely. Knee length dresses are also becoming more popular and practical, perfect for a summer wedding and great to if you love your legs and/or too-good to hide shoes to show off!

  1. The un-veiling

The veil has many origins within different cultures, for some it was a way to shield/hide the bride from evil spirits. In some religions, the veil is a sign of humility and respect before God during a religious ceremony. These days the only evil spirits will be the ones behind the bar at the reception and the tradition has become more of a decorative feature to your wedding day ensemble. If you think it’s going to mess with your intricate wedding hair-do, consider foregoing a veil altogether or downsize to a fascinator.

So forget what you’ve heard about classic wedding traditions, just do what works for you and you’ll find your own wedding will be a totally original one.

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Patrick Fallon

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