How to have a kick-arse, totally unique wedding in 7 easy steps

Your wedding day is the ultimate expression of who you are as a couple. Own the day by adding your own personal touches and personality to tell ‘the Story of Us’ as it were. Here are some suggestions to get you started….

#1   Aisle-say!

Why not take this opportunity to tell your love story with your Aisle runner? Dress it up to reflect the venue or create a timeline of your relationship from first date to the Big Day printed onto the runner or using photos on the aisle seats!

#2   How about a non-traditional venue?

If a church wedding is not your box of budgies, why not go for something completely different? Then these suggestions are just as unique, especially if you are counting pennies.

  • A favourite Café/Bar. Where the staff already know your name, they’ll take great pride in looking after you and your guests
  • Be surrounded by masterpieces at an Art Gallery or Museum – very classy without blowing the budget
  • A Library for the bookworm Bride and Groom, quiet and intimate
  • A local hall. A little decoration and imagination, and this humble venue will have a little less sparkle, but a lot more soul.
  • Boat/Golf Club. Have your wedding on the water or overlooking the fairway
  • Ski-field. A little bit brrr, a ski field wedding doesn’t have to be in Winter. A summer ski-field wedding would be just as spectacular, and you would have the whole mountain to yourself. Nice.
  • Go all out in the ‘middle of nowhere’ (plenty of that around here) – Heck why not try ‘Glamping’ your wedding? You’ll be surprised where caterers can go.

#3   Wedding ceremony seating

  • This can be tied in with your theme, think outside the norm and go for a circular seating arrangement with the ‘alter’ in the centre. For example if you have a country/rustic theme with the ceremony outdoors, why not have hay bales as the seating? Or instead of the soon-to-be spouses’ families picking sides, place a sign outside the ceremony site that tells guests to “pick a seat, not a side” — as both families are joining as one.

#4   Red-nosed at the Reception?

Centrepieces don’t always have to be flowers. Why not play with light by using floating candles in bowls, LED’s/fairy lights or glow sticks in hurricane lanterns with coloured glass pebbles – great options for the budget conscious Bride & Groom or those that suffer from allergies

#5   It just needs a few Homely touches

How about giving guests a quick taste of family history — serve bite-sized versions of favourite recipes. Or favour guests with something special like homemade mini cookies tied up in clear bags with a recipe card, printed on bright paper, tucked in, too…..Martha Stewart ain’t got nothing on you!

#6   Tech-savvy or social media butterfly?

Why not make your ‘Big Day’ go viral and create a unique #hashtag just for your special day for all your social media addicted guests! If friends and family cannot make it to your wedding, why not stream your nuptials online with a GoPro Hero or similar device. You could also set up a video recording device to have your wedding guests’ record messages of love, hope and wishes for your future……..aww, warm fuzzies all round!

#7   You’ve been framed!

Include some framed photos of you, your family and friends at the cake table or on the gift/wishing well table, or guestbook table. Your guests will definitely feel involved and will have fun spotting themselves in amongst your décor.


Well, there you have it. I hope you can draw some inspiration from these ideas and make them your own to make your wedding truly scream ‘THIS IS US!’ As the saying goes, you are only limited by your imagination. But whatever you do, remember this….a wedding is a party, not a performance. If at the end of the day you are married to the one you love, then everything went perfectly.


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