The best AND the worst weather at Carolyn & Evan’s Queenstown heli-wedding

I had a booking on the 20th of December to photograph the lovely Carolyn & Evan’s heli wedding in conjunction with Kathryn Ormond wedding celebrant and Heliworks Queenstown.  That afternoon however the weather was attrocious and we couldn’t fly so we post-poned it to the next day, crossed our fingers and held our collective breath.  The next morning the weather was not great either, it was super cloudy and was misting rain lightly.  Once again we were unable to fly so I recommended that we have the wedding ceremony at Thurlby Domain and once again wait and hope that the weather improved in the afternoon and we could do a heli flight just for photos  As it turned out we couldn’t have been luckier with the weather that day!  After a gorgeous ceremony at Thurlby Domain (a venue which Carolyn and Evan had never even heard of before they got there but absolutely loved) we all got a call from Heliworks around 430pm saying “Come quick!  The weather’s cleared and we’re off to Remarkables Ridge”.

What followed was the most amazing light and weather I have had the privilege of experiencing during my many years of shooting heli-weddings.  Skies that had been a dark gray wall of thunder clouds earlier in the day opened to reveal beautiful blue skies punctuated with beautiful cumulus clouds (what I call “Simpson’s clouds”) hovering around the mountain tops for a bit of added drama.  At one point we even had a fast moving cloud roll up suddenly from the valley floor and enshroud us in this amazing mist that made it look like we’d brought our own smoke machines!

The day, in short, was amazing.  But enough talk from me, take a look at the photos and judge for yourself…


And here’s the lovely email I got from Carolyn and Even when they received their wedding photos…

2014_12_21 Carolyn and Evan wedding feedback email



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