Marg & Shaun’s blood-curdling vamp/goth wedding

(Ok, so I was just kidding with the blood-curdling bit…)

Marg and Shaun have been happily married for twenty years and had already renewed their vows once, but they decided to renew their vows again in beautiful old Queenstown this August and they wanted to do things differently this time.

One thing that was different was their outfits – rather than the traditional tux and white wedding dress Marg and Shaun and most of their guests were dressed up in vamp/goth attire.  Think lots of black and lots of leather, with gothic styled silver jewellery and accessories.  Personally I loved the quirkiness of it – because (a) it was something a little bit different and made the photos fun and interesting, and (b) it’s important to be yourself I think on your wedding day.  That way you have more fun and feel more relaxed and straight away your photos look more natural and beautiful.  Oh and (c) I loved it because some might say I’m a bit quirky myself.

The other thing that was different this time was that for the very first time Marg & Shaun decided to hire the services of a professional photographer (they didn’t have one at their wedding or their first vow renewal) and your’s truly was lucky enough to be the photographer they wanted to work with.

Now Marg was extremely nervous about being in front of the camera and told me several times that she was camera-shy & un-photogenic and that I had my work cut out for me getting some good shots of her.

But in the end we all had a ball (even Marg!) and got some really lovely photos of the big day.  Marg and Shaun were both delighted with the photos and sent me some lovely emails to tell me how grateful they were.  But enough talk from me, you be the judge – I’ve posted a handful of my favourite pix from the day at the top of this post.  I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we enjoyed taking them.

The ceremony was held at Canyon’s Lodge, with the lovely Phillipa Cook ( taking care of the ceremony as our celebrant and the uber-efficient Sarah Hinch at Canyon’s Lodge ( organising everything else.

Oh, and here is one of the three lovely emails I received from Marg & Shaun telling me how delighted they were with the photos;

“Hi Patrick

You are amazing the photos are brilliant – I even like a couple of the photos you took of me!!! (normally unheard of) so you are truly magical

Just use Wild Wild Luv by Pitbull for the additional music otherwise just repeat the Robbie and Lilly song

Thank you does not seem enough but it is all I can say – you made our day and we will be forever grateful

Thank you xx

Marg and Shaun











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