I love my job! And I wanted to share the love, so here’s my latest Queenstown wedding slideshow for your viewing pleasure!  This slideshow contains an assortment of my favourite images from several recent (and some not so recent – some photos you never get tired of) weddings.  It will hopefully give you a good idea of my style of wedding photography.

(Just watching this slideshow again now, it gives me goose bumps to think of all the amazing couples who’s special day I got to be a part of).

Note, this video has been uploaded in 1080p HD quality.  So if you have a good internet connection make sure you click on the little gear icon in the bottom right-ish corner of the Youtube video window and select “1080p”.  If you change the video quality while it’s playing you will probably need to re-start the video in order for it to display in HD quality.

Oh, and make sure you select full screen mode (the bottom right-most icon that looks like four corners of a screen) for maximum visual splendour!  Enjoy.

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