Polaroid cameras for your wedding day

WEDDING-POLAROID-CLOTHESLINERecently I’ve had a few brides inquire about arranging Polaroid cameras for their wedding day.  In fact, I’ve had so many inquiries I decided to buy one to lend out to my brides and grooms.
Upon the expert advice of the folks at Photo & Video in Christchurch (where I get all my camera gear, www.photo.co.nz, 0800CAMERA), I bought a Fujifilm Instax 210 polaroid camera rather than the actual Polaroid brand.  (Rumour has it that Polaroid cameras these days are pretty unreliable).

This thing is huge and simplistic – in terms of aesthetics it’s like a cross between a Tonka Toy and a bread-maker but it’s super fun to use and it takes great polaroid photos.  It has a grand total of 4 buttons, well 5 if you include the shutter release!  It’s ridiculously easy to use – and ridiculously fun.  In this day and age of high powered digital cameras it’s amazing how satisfying it is to hear the whirr of gears and see that polaroid pop out of the camera a couple of seconds after you take a photo.  And then you get to watch the image appear as the chemicals do their thing – it’s like magic!
In short, the Instax may not be my flashest or most high tech camera, but it is far and away the most FUN camera I own right now!

If you’re looking for a Polaroid camera to add some fun and funk to your wedding day I highly recommend the Instax.  I will be loaning out my Instax Polaroid camera free of charge (although you will need to supply your own polaroid film for it) to any of my brides who wish to use it for their wedding day.  I will also be taking the odd polaroid photo with it during many of my upcoming weddings.

If you haven’t considered a polaroid camera there’s a lot of cool ways to use them to add a bit of fun/funk to your reception/wedding day.  They work perfectly as a simple, inexpensive and durable camera for DIY photo booths, you can leave the camera with the guest book and your guests can include a polaroid snap of themselves in the guest book with any comments, you can hang polaroids of all your guests on a clothes line with old fashioned wooden clothes pegs…the list goes on.  When I have more time I will do a post with a list of a bunch of cool ways to use polaroid cameras for your wedding day  (And before you ask, no, I don’t have shares in Photo & Video or Fujifilm.  Unfortunately).  Stay tuned…



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