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Today I had a meeting with Samantha Collins, the lovely lady in charge of all things wedding at Jacks Point Clubhouse here in Queenstown.  If you are thinking of having your wedding at Jack’s Point here is some information you might find helpful.

Before I get started, Samantha has a detailed PDF with all their wedding info on it so if you want price/more info your best bet is to contact her by email at functions@jackspoint.com or by phone on either +64(0)3 450 2050 extension 3 or on her mobile at +64(0)211789 474.

Because Jack’s Point is a golf course and a residential development as well as a wedding venue they only allow location photos at two spots outside of the immediate Clubhouse area itself.  They also supply a chaperone to travel with the bridal party for location photos to aid in any interaction between the bridal party and golfers/residents.  I will be scouting Jack’s Point mid-Feb and will post photos taken from these two spots then – it’s much easier to explain them with photos than words!  The views of Lake Wakatipu and Cecil Peak, the Remarkables Range and other mountains from these two spots is simply stunning – I can’t wait to take some photos to show you, you will be blown away!

They don’t allow use of golf buggies to travel to these locations as it is often too windy and cold in an uncovered golf-buggy for the bride.  Instead they recommend you use your car to travel between the clubhouse and these two locations.

They do have a helipad onsite and so it is possible to fly direct to Jack’s Point by heli (rather than having to disembark at the heliport at Frankton and travel 15 minutes by car).  However they have an exclusive arrangement with Over The Top helicopters to keep landing permits etc simple, so if you want to land in your chopper at Jack’s Point you will have to fly with Over The Top.  Samantha mentioned that they might be able to offer some special deals with Over The Top so if you’re interested in using Jack’s Point for your wedding venue and flying in a chopper on your big day get in touch with her to find out prices and more information.

I did also ask about boats in case there was easy access by boat to Jack’s Point that I didn’t know about, but the nearest boat access is at the Hilton Hotel in Frankton.  Samantha recommended that if the bride and groom were staying at the Hilton and the guests were staying in town it might be quite cool to travel the guests to the Hilton by Water Taxi and then transport them by car/bus from the Hilton to Jack’s Point.

Jack’s Point don’t confirm wedding bookings more than a year out from the proposed wedding date.  The reason for this is that they do have both construction and golf competitions going on at Jack’s Point from time to time and they like to make sure there is no conflict with other bookings before they confirm a wedding date.  If you want to book them more than a year out they will pencil you in and you will be first in line for that date.  Once they are within a year out they will give you a call and confirm the date and book all the appropriate vendors/suppliers for your wedding day.

Last but not least, Samantha mentioned that they discount their normal venue hire cost if you have the ceremony off-site (ie if you only have your reception at Jack’s Point) or if you hire a wedding planner.  The reason for the wedding planner discount is that this saves Samantha a lot of time and work so they can discount the venue hire price accordingly.  Samantha recommends Simply Perfect Weddings and Mint Events for wedding planning, Kath Mackenzie at One Fine Day for styling and The Flower Room for flowers.  Samantha also mentioned that they have cheaper venue hire rates for winter weddings.

Another thing that Samantha mentioned that is worth pointing out is that because Jack’s Point Clubhouse is a fully licensed restaurant they don’t allow you to bring any of your own booze to weddings/receptions held there.  For this reason they try to keep their venue hire costs fairly affordable to balance this out and make them more competitive with other Queenstown wedding venues that allow some/full BYO.

Right, these are the most important points that came out during my meeting with Samantha.  If you would like more info, menus, prices etc please contact Samantha direct as per the contact details listed for her earlier in this post.  I will hopefully be scouting and photographing Jack’s Point on the 14th of Feb and I will post the photos here on the blog as soon as I can.



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