Queenstown wedding videos by Sunshine Wedding Films

I have had a few inquiries recently from brides wanting recommendations on Queenstown wedding videos.

Although I have worked with one or two wedding videographers over the years I had never seen the results of their work and I didn’t know them well either personally or professionally.  As a result I wasn’t comfortable recommending anybody to my brides.  To remedy this situation, this week I met with Scott & Melissa of Sunshine Video to have a chat to them about wedding videos.

I chose to list Scott & Melissa on the blog because I liked their work the most our of the various Queenstown wedding video companies I had checked out online.  Plus they seemed like really nice people – and believe me, that makes a big difference to your wedding day experience!

I met up with Scott & Melissa at the Queenstown Markets last Saturday and in between Melissa selling her jewellery and Scott looking after the baby I managed to ask them a few questions and learn a little bit about them and their business.

First of all, Scott & Melissa have recently changed the name of their company from Sunshine Video to Sunshine Wedding Films.  Apparently the reason for the change is because these days they shoot a lot of their wedding videos on a Canon 5DMkII and 600D.  These cameras (which are actually stills cameras that can shoot HD video rather than traditional video cameras) offer far more artistic results than is generally possible with a video camera.  (To chip in my two cents worth: I’ve worked on quite a few big budget TV commercials that have been shot on the 5DMkII for this very reason.  You can use beautiful lenses on these cameras and achieve soft depth of field and gorgeous, cinematic quality results).  Despite the change of name you can still find their website at www.sunshinevideo.co.nz for now so please check there for more info.

Scott & Melissa offer a variety of wedding video packages that range from small mid-week or helicopter weddings with one videographer (Scott) to all day weekend weddings with both of them shooting and bringing 4 – 5 cameras.   (Their arsenal of cameras is all Canon – they have and use an XF300, an XF100, a 5D MkII and a 600D.  Everything is shot on full manual for maximum quality).

Scott told me when they’re shooting weddings they like to focus on emotions, faces, crowds and family.  For this reason, at all-day weekend weddings they feel it’s essential to have two of them shooting so they don’t miss anything.  He also tells me that although the Canon 5DMkII and 600D give awesome results they are harder to shoot with so you don’t get the same quantity of footage when shooting with them so it pays to have Melissa shooting as well on the bigger weddings.

Soon they are going to list all their packages and prices on their website so there will be no more guessing as to cost.  In the meantime though, if you’d like more info on their packages (or anything else for that matter) please email Scott & Melissa at info@sunshinevideo.co.nz.

Sunshine Wedding Films offer a variety of different styles of wedding videos.  Scott tells me there is a growing trend internationally for more posed wedding videos (what people are calling “cinematic” or “story-telling” wedding videos) and they have already had a few people asking for that.   But whatever style of wedding video you’re into, get in touch with Scott & Melissa and I’m sure they’ll look after you. Here’s a sample of their work;

Their contact details are as follows;

Scott & Melissa, Sunshine Wedding Films, phone: +64 (0) 27 218 6665, email info@sunshinevideo.co.nz, website: www.sunshinevideo.co.nz

Right, that’s all for now – I’ll put a listing for Sunshine Wedding Films on the “Wedding vendors” page too.

PS Apologies for not taking a photo of Scott & Melissa to put with this post – the Queenstown Saturday markets were going crazy and they were juggling babies and jewellery sales…

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