Delicious Cooking Ltd – the best food I have ever eaten at a wedding. ( Queenstown Wedding Caterers )

I have already mentioned this company very briefly in a previous post but their food was the best I have ever tasted from any Queenstown wedding caterers so I have to give them a proper shout-out.

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of being a guest (well, 50% guest/50% wedding photographer) at my good friends Jim & Flic’s wedding at Paradise.  The wedding was beautiful – very rustic and down to earth and very Jim and Flic.  The whole thing happened at the beautiful Paradise Trust, located in Paradise (yes, it is a real place!) about 1.25 hours drive from Queenstown near a little town called Glenorchy.

Anyway, enough about the wedding, let’s talk about the food…the food was awesome!  It was so delicious that I’ll say it again; the food I ate at Jim and Flic’s wedding was the best I have ever eaten at a wedding – and as a wedding photographer I have eaten at a few!  (My mother is a Cordon Bleu chef and an ex-caterer so, while I am far from a connoisseur, I know a good meal when I eat one!).  Because the majority of the guests were vegetarians Jim & Flic opted for a vegetarian menu.  I am not a vegetarian and there were a few other meat-lovers seated near me and herbivores and carnivores alike all loved the food.  Everybody commented on it.  The various dishes were placed down the centre of each line of trestle tables in clusters, so each group of 6 – 8 guests had their own selection of dishes to choose from.  When I chatted to Glynnie (the chef) after the wedding she said she likes to present the food this way as it avoids queuing or massive waits from one table to the next to be served.  She also said laying the food out like this meant that popular items didn’t get finished off by the first wave of hungry guests.  (Apparently Glynnie is famous for her salmon, and in the past when she served food in a buffet style the first guests would help themselves to a huge helping of salmon, meaning there was none left for the rest of the guests).  The way Glynnie served the food meant everybody got to try every dish, and it was a really social way to eat.  You didn’t have to leave the table all the time to get your food, you could just hang out and chat with the other guests while enjoying a delicious dinner.

Glynniel as I already mentioned, is the chef at Delicious Cooking.  Her partner is Heather Vincent.  I have worked with Heather off and on for years in the film industry, where Heather is a props buyer.  So while Glynnie knows how to make your wedding TASTE amazing Heather knows how to make your wedding reception LOOK amazing.  The various props she added to Jim & Flic’s reception really added a touch of class and made the whole thing look amazing.

Glynnie said they were catering for a wedding of 150 the following weekend and she was going to bring in 3 commercial rental stoves for that wedding.  So they can cater to large or small weddings and are totally mobile.

Anyway, you get the point – Delicious Cooking are amazing wedding caterers and their food is awesome!  I will hopefully catch up with Glynnie and Heather for a proper chat in the next week or two and I will post more info on the blog when I get a chance.

In the meantime you can check them out at  This website is actually for their cooking classes business – if you want info on wedding catering give Glynnie or Heather at Delicious Cooking a call on 0800 432 555.  They’re lovely ladies and I’m sure they’ll look after you.

Delicious Cooking Queenstown wedding caterers


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