Jim and Flic’s wedding in Paradise

I can’t believe I didn’t think to list this place as a Queenstown wedding venue before now – it is simply stunning!  Yesterday I was a guest at a wedding in Paradise!  The bride and groom were my good friends Jim & Flic and the wedding really was in Paradise.  Yes, Paradise is a real place.  It is located near a small town called Glenorchy and is about one hour’s drive from Queenstown in New Zealand’s south island.  Paradise (more accurately the Paradise Trust) is such a beautiful spot I really can’t believe I didn’t think of it as a potential Queenstown wedding venue before now!

I was at the wedding as a guest (it was a very casual affair and there was no official photographer) and I had to hold myself back from taking a million photos because everything looked so beautiful.  The Paradise Trust really is a stunning location for a rustic wedding and Flic looked absolutely gorgeous in her white wedding dress amongst the very “Lord of the Rings” beech forest.  Jim also looked very dapper in his light grey suit.  They made a fantastic looking couple!

Anyway, I didn’t take anywhere near as many photos as I wanted to and the photos I did take were more “guesty snapshots” than “pro wedding shoot” but I will post a handful of the here to give you an idea of what Paradise is like as a potential wedding venue.  I will endeavour to scout Paradise properly this month (or early in the new year if work continues to go crazy in December) and will post more photos and info as and when I can.

I can also highly recommend the caterers Jim and Flic used.  It’s a company called Delicious Cooking  and they are based in Glenorchy but they also cater for Queenstown weddings and functions.  You can check them out at www.deliciouscooking.co.nz.  It was without a doubt the best food I have ever eaten at a wedding, so I can’t recommend them highly enough.  If you’re looking for caterers give Heather and Glynnie at Delicious Cooking a call 0800 432 555 and have a chat – they’re lovely and I’m sure they’ll look after you.

In the meantime here is a small assortment of photos from Jim & Flic’s wedding at paradise.  Apologies for the small number of snap-shots but I was doing my best (for once) to be a wedding guest not a wedding photographer!  Stay tuned for more photos of Paradise and more info on Delicious Cooking Ltd!

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