Some recent changes to the “Queenstown Wedding Venues” page.

Hi folks, just a quick post to explain some recent changes to the Queenstown Wedding Venues page here on the blog.

When I first started this blog I only listed vendors and venues that I had worked with before.  However, as the blog slowly grew I realised that it was important to provide brides with as much information and as many options as possible.  For that reason I have recently started adding popular Queenstown wedding venues and vendors even if I have yet to shoot a wedding there/work with them myself.

Because I am steadily expanding the list of Queenstown wedding venues and vendors on this blog and some of them I have yet to with, I have decided to add a simple classification system to my venue and vendor  listings.  (I have updated the Queenstown Wedding Venues page but have yet to update the Queenstown Wedding Vendors page with this new system.  I will do so as soon as possible).  If a venue has “(***/Top Enchilada)” beside their name it means I have shot a wedding at that venue before, I love the venue and they are great people to work with.

If a venue has “(**/Cool Bananas)” beside it then I have yet to shoot a wedding there but I have scouted and photographed the venue and have met the owner/manager/staff and given it and them the (two) thumbs up.

Finally, if a venue has “(*/Hot Off The Press)” beside it’s name then I have yet to shoot a wedding there or scout/photograph it.  I will scout Hot Off The Press Venues, post info on the blog and update the listings as soon as humanly possible.

Last but not least, all listings for venues and vendors here on the blog are totally free and as un-biased as possible.  This blog is designed to be a useful and impartial resource for brides planning a Queenstown wedding, not a money-making scheme.

If you have any feedback on any of these venues feel free to post it in the comments box at the bottom of this page.  (If you have negative feedback on any of these venues please try to make your criticism constructive – we don’t want to turn this into yet another internet haters forum).  And finally, if you have any questions please feel free to email me at  Oh, one more thing – if there’s a Queenstown wedding venue that you’re interested in which isn’t listed on this page let me know and I will check it out and post info as soon as I can.

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I am a wedding photographer based in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand. I have been full-time with the photography thing since 2006 and still can’t believe I get to do what I love for a job! Here are a few words that I think sum me up: I AM…tall and bald, happy, imaginative, constantly hungry, active and friendly. I LOVE…my girl, coffee, photography, fooooooood, my family and friends, riding bikes, being outside, the simple things in life, people… I love my life! I believe that wedding photography can and should be SIMPLE, NATURAL, BEAUTIFUL.

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