Two stunning new Queenstown wedding venues ideal for intimate weddings.

Yesterday morning the lovely Lyndsey from luxury accommodation specialists Relax It’s Done showed me around two of their Queenstown properties that are ideal for use as intimate weddings.

Relax It’s Done is a company that manages several deluxe accommodation properties here in Queenstown.  The two properties I checked out this morning are called Queenscliff and Bel Lago.  Both of these properties are deluxe four bedroom villas with multiple bathrooms, so they are the perfect size and configuration to accommodate a wedding party of up to 8 adults.

Because both properties’ have good elevation, great locations and large decks they are also ideal as a wedding venue for small, intimate ceremonies.  In fact both properties have served as combined wedding venue and accommodation for small weddings in the past.  The owners of Relax It’s Done have 10 years of event management experience and as such they have great contacts and also know a thing or two about throwing a shin-dig!  For this reason, if you are planning an intimate wedding in Queenstown and are looking for high quality accommodation that can also double as a wedding venue give Lyndsey and the team at Relax It’s Done a call.  They can help you with whatever you need to make your dream wedding a reality!

Right, without further ado here’s the run-down on the two properties;


Queenscliff is a stunning 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom villa that is located high on Queenstown Hill.  It is centrally located and you can walk to downtown Queenstown in under 10 minutes, however it’s going to be a steep climb on the way home!  Queenscliff’s high location means you get beautiful sweeping views over Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu and the surrounding mountains.  This is a very flash propety – it’s so flash it even has it’s own private elevator!  (Very James Bond!).  Other highlights included the partial glass floor in the main atrium, the awesome open plan kitchen/living room/deck area, an amazing media room, the extensive windows and THAT VIEW!!  I have lived in Queenstown for 20 years and am used to the view, but Queenscliff really does offer stunning vistas.  When sitting outside on the deck in the sun you do feel like you’re almost flying over Queenstown.  For more photos and info click on or contact Lyndsey White at Relax It’s Done at for more info.

Below are the scouting photos I took of Queenscliff to try and give you an idea of what it looks like and what kind of photos your wedding photographer might like to take there.

[flagallery gid=32 name=Gallery]


Bel Lago is another beautiful 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom villa located only a few minutes from Queenscliff.  Situated a little further from downtown Queenstown than Queenscliff it is still very central and would only take 15 minutes or so to walk into town if you don’t want to drive.  (Like Queenscliff however the walk home is going to be a fair old climb!).  Because the ground drops away very steeply in front of Bel Lago and it faces directly towards the Remarkable’s Range the views are even more dramatic and sweeping than Queenscliff.  Although Bel Lago has the same number of bedrooms and one more bathroom than Queenscliff it doesn’t feel nearly as big, however it is still more than big enough for 8 adults and the generous windows and bright decor means it has a lovely light, sunny feel to it.  Lyndsey told me they have had weddings at Bel Lago before with dinner for up to 10 people.   On that occasion they put in an extra trestle table and brought in a private chef to do the catering.  The kitchen is large, with plenty of counter space and a beautiful gas hob stove, and even a restaurant chef would be happy cooking in this kitchen.  (My mum is a Cordon Bleu Chef and I grew up washing dishes and helping her in the kitchen.  She would be more than happy cooking a meal for 10 in this kitchen).

Right, that’s all I can think of for now, check out the slideshow below to see more, otherwise click on or contact Lyndsey White at Relax It’s Done at for more info.

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