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This is an update on a post I published recently on the free Wedding Party iPhone app from, and the accompanying free wedding website that goes with it.  Since that post I have installed and tested the app and also created my own free (test) wedding website.  The free wedding website works well and is easy to set up (it even has a category – complete with the right states/regions – for NZ!  I’m so thankful not to have to pretend i live in Alabama for a change and google the appropriate ZIP code!).  The only negative I would say is that the default website template is in my opinion, pretty bloody cheesy and distasteful.  But there are other templates to choose from and I will have a play around and see if I can make the thing look less offensive in the near future.  (Well, late October at the earliest at this stage – work just isn’t letting up quite yet!).  If anyone wants to check out MyWedding Party tell me in the comments here or email me at and I’ll send you the link to download the iPhone app and also the address and log-in codes for the wedding website so you can see how it works from the bride and grooms/admin’s end.  Right, that’s all for now – just a flying visit!!

A while back I posted on the blog about a website and smartphone app called “Wedding Snap”.  The idea is a simple (and great) one.  You get your guests to download and install the free app on their iPhone/Android smart phone.  On the wedding day all they have to do is log in to the app on their phone and enter the name of your online wedding album and every photo they take from then on automatically get’s uploaded to your online wedding website.

I did install the Wedding Snap app and have a play with it but never got round to testing the website so couldn’t tell how well the whole system works.  (it costs US$99 for a year’s hosting of your online wedding website and to be honest I was reluctant to pay US$99 just to test and review a product I personally wasn’t going to use).

Anyway, just this morning I stumbed upon an even better solution – the Wedding Party iphone app.  It seems that it is pretty much the same deal as Wedding Snap except that (apparently) setting up your wedding website is also free.  I am downloading and installing the app on my iPhone even as i type these words and I’ll post another update when I have had a chance to test out Wedding Party properly.  Stay tuned for more info.  (If Wedding Party is as good as it seems on first glance this could be the perfect way to collect all your guests’ beautiful/hialirious/strange/shocking photos from your wedding day to really give your album a twist!).


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