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A while back now I posted here on the blog about a new Queenstown wedding venue called Queenscliff, on Queenstown Hill.  Well, it seems that the company that manages Queenscliff also has another property available for rent that is ideal for a small, self-hosted wedding.  The property I’m talking about is called Bel Lago.  I have a feeling (looking at the photos) that I have actually photographed a bride getting ready at Bel Lago recently.  If it’s the property I’m thinking of it’s pretty stunning and has amazing views on the balcony.  Could be a great spot to get married and accommodate your small wedding party all in the one go!  Either way I will check it out in person once work quietens down (end of October at the earliest at this stage) and will post an update with more info as soon as I can.  In the meantime you can check out Bel Lago on their (rather cheesy I’m afraid) Youtube video at

Bel Lago Queenstown wedding venue

Bel Lago, Queenstown wedding vejue. Photos courtesy of

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