Wedding question of the week – Wild bride wedding photography ?

I have been thinking about a slightly different approach to bridal party photos recently and I’m interested to hear what all you brides and brides-to-be out there think.  (I”m calling this approach to wedding photography “Wild bride wedding photography” until I can come up with a better name for it.  Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted!!).
It’s a long rambling “thinking out aloud” type question, but please bare with me as there is a point – eventually!
With most NZ weddings typically after the ceremony your photographer will shoot all the “family and friends” posed photos.  After that often he/she will steal away with you and your groom (and probably the bridal party too) for some bride and groom/bridal party location photos.  These photos will often run right through to the start of the reception.
What if your wedding photographer worked with you and your future husband before the wedding day to come up with some fun/romantic things for the two of you (and the bridal party) to do during this part of the wedding day?  Then you and your FH/bridal party could actually be having fun and doing what you want to do during this part of your wedding day and the photos would revolve around that.  Your photographer could shoot most of the photographs in a candid fashion and capture some truly natural and beautiful photos of you and your FH/bridal party just being yourselves.  (Giving people things to do is a great way of getting them to relax in front of the camera too – especially camera-shy blokes).
You could come up with any number of things to do during this part of the day.  It could be something as simple as having a champagne picnic with your groom and/or bridal party or going for a walk hand-in-hand along the beach with your new husband.  (Often there is little or no time to eat for the bride from long before the ceremony starts until the meals are served at the reception so having a bite to eat at this point to keep you going makes a lot of sense).  Obviously there are a million and one things you could do during this part of the day, the most important thing is that the way you spend your wedding day reflects who the two of you are as people.  You are unique and your wedding day should reflect that.  And I think your wedding photos should too.
So what do you think?  If you “clicked” with your wedding photographer (no pun intended) and he/she got to know you before the wedding and together you came up with some fun/romantic things to do for this part of the day would you be open to the idea?  And would you like it if your photographer organized this part of the day for you or would you prefer to do it yourself and know that everything was going to be just how you wanted it?
Apologies once again for the long, rambling question – if you have time to post your comments here I’d love to hear your feedback!


The best day of your life is also meant to be fun!

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