It seems pretty obvious when you put it like this but most wedding couples haven’t been married before.  So how are they supposed to know how the whole wedding photography thing works?  Despite all their planning and preparation and research leading up to the big day, generally each bride- and groom-to-be ends up relying heavily on the photographer they hire to to tell them how it works.

Now this is fine and dandy if you’re fortunate enough to end up with a talented, well-organised photographer whom you “click” with and who understands you as people.  Unfortunately, not every couple is going to be that lucky.

The way I look at is is this “If I was getting married what would I expect from my wedding photographer?”.  I would expect…

  • For them to sit down with my fiance and I and have a bit of a chat well before the big day.  The purpose of this is not only to go over the arrangements for the photography of the wedding day itself (lists of which family groups shots he/she needs to take etc, important photos) but also just to get to know us a little bit better so that the photos better reflect who we are as people.  The other benefit of meeting before the wedding day like this is that we would get to know our photographer a little bit before the big day.  That way on the day itself we will be more comfortable with him/her in front of the camera.
  • For him/her to scout the venue the wedding day – even if he/she has shot weddings there a million times before.  No two wedding couples are the same and therefore their wedding photos shouldn’t be approached the same way.  I don’t want my photographer to shoot the same old angles at Venue X that he has shot a million times before.  For this reason I think it’s important that after meeting with the wedding couple the photographer should scout their venue/locations specifically for their wedding so that the photos reflect who they are as people.
  • Punctual and efficient communication before and after (as well as during) the ceremony.
  • I would choose a photographer who’s work I loved but also someone with enough wedding experience and professionalism that I could totally trust them, switch my “wedding photographer brain” off and just enjoy the day.  As I’m a photographer myself I could ask all sorts of technical questions to ensure my photographer knew what he/she was doing, but I shouldn’t have to.  Hire a photographer you can trust.  If you feel you need to quiz them about their camera equipment/methodology you obviously don’t trust the and you should consider choosing someone with a better reputation/more experience.
  • Perhaps most importantly of all, I would choose a photographer who I like, who is fun and who lets my bride and I enjoy our wedding day fully – while still getting beautiful photos.  Of course it is important to have beautiful wedding photos to remember your wedding day (not just for you but also for your family and friends) but I want to be able to enjoy the wedding day itself every bit as much as looking at the photos afterwards.  I don’t want to turn the most important day of my lfie into a photo shoot/work!

Well, there you have it.  That’s my personal philosophy towards wedding photography.  Hopefully this is of some help to all you brides and grooms to be out there having a tough time trying to decide which wedding photographer to book for your wedding.  If you have any questions you can post them in the comments field at the bottom of this page or email me at weddings@fallon.co.nz.

Good luck with all the planning and preparation!






On top of this, every wedding photographer is different, with a different style of working and shooting and a unique personality,.

So how are couples about to tie the knot supposed to know what they should expect from their wedding photographer?






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I am a wedding photographer based in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand. I have been full-time with the photography thing since 2006 and still can’t believe I get to do what I love for a job! Here are a few words that I think sum me up: I AM…tall and bald, happy, imaginative, constantly hungry, active and friendly. I LOVE…my girl, coffee, photography, fooooooood, my family and friends, riding bikes, being outside, the simple things in life, people… I love my life! I believe that wedding photography can and should be SIMPLE, NATURAL, BEAUTIFUL.

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