Wedding idea: five course meals in the middle of nowhere

Ok, I have to admit I’m kind of proud of this idea.  Although it’s quite a simple idea – it’s not like I invented the wheel or anything.  But I think it’s an idea that could open up a whole bunch more options for you when it comes to choosing a venue for your reception.  And this in turn will allow you a lot more freedom to make your wedding day exactly what you want it to be.

I was on a job recently where the catering was done by a company called “Mash Catering Ltd” (you can check out their website at  We wre shooting a commercial for Suntory whiskey for Japanese television and we were filming in the middle of a barley field near Fairle.

As is normal on these kinds of jobs, although we were in the middle of nowhere lunch each day was an amazing feast whipped up by the mobile catering skills of the chefs at Mash.  They turn up in their truck in the craziest places and an endless supply of hot, delicious food pours out of it whenever a meal is scheduled.

If these guys can cook up a meal like this in the middle of nowhere/a barley field 10 km from Fairlie then I reckon they could do a pretty good job of catering for your wedding reception no matter how crazy (or mundane) the location.

I am going to get in touch with the boys at Mash and see what Queenstown locations and wedding venues they have catered in the past for wedding receptions and I will post it here on the blog soon.  Who knows, they may well come up with some locations for wedding receptions that I would never have thought of myself.  I’ll keep you posted!

(Note: the presentation of the tables etc in the photo below is fairly utilitarian due to the nature of the shoot.  I’m sure they can do fancy for weddings – I will check out what they can do as far as tables and chairs, place settings etc.  If there is any other info you are curious just post your comments and questions at the bottom of this page and I will do some detective work!  Patrick).



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