A great free wedding website service (it’s not WordPress this time!)

Hello all,

Just a very quick post on free wedding websites today as it’s been a loooong day already. (Even with a good strong espresso to start the day I wasn’t exactly “full of beans” at 4am this morning!).

Anyway, hopefully all of you reading this don’t think I’m totally obsessed with wedding websites but…well, I guess I am a little bit obsessed at the moment.  I’m just really keen to find the best free wedding website service/s so that I can recommend it/them to all of you and to my brides.

I have found another free online wedding website service that seems to be pretty good.  (At least this one allows you to select “New Zealand” as a country option, unlike the WeddingWire service).   I managed to set up a basic wedding website using this service in about 5 minutes and it seems to offer lots of features like a countdown to the wedding, RSVPs etc.  It’s too early to give a definitive opinion yet but so far this looks like a great option if you want to create a free website for your wedding.  So, without further ado, here it is…

The wedding website service I’m talking about is eweddings.com and you can visit their website by clicking here.

You can also view the (incomplete) wedding website I have started to set up with this service by clicking here.  (I have set this website up as a private website as I imagine this is how most of you brides would prefer to do it.  Your friends, family and guests should be able to see it still if they know the address/URL but if it’s set up as private search engines can’t find it so people you don’t want seeing it shouldn’t be able to find it).

Once work quietens down a bit I will have a bit more of a play around with ewedding.com and will try to do a bit more work on the demo wedding website I have set up.  I will also look into the WordPress option more thoroughly and will post more when I can.

Oh, and I promise to post on something other than wedding websites next time!






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