Your wedding website – pay a professional to do it or tackle it yourself?

I have a question for all you brides to be out there, and once again it’s about wedding websites.  If your wedding photographer offered the creation of your own custom wedding website as either an add-on service or as a feature included in a wedding photography package would you consider it?  And what do you think would be a reasonable price to pay for such a service?  (There are a bunch of free wedding website options out there so obviously it would have to be something pretty special to make it worthwhile paying for).

My reason for asking is this: I am thinking of offering creation of wedding websites as a service to my brides.  I have been spending a lot of time looking into the various free wedding website options on the market today.  I have even gone as far as starting to set up a sample wedding website in my favourite wedding website service so far (at this stage my favourite by far is WordPress, the blogging platform this blog was created on).

But to be honest I’m super busy already and I want to make sure that you brides out there are even interested in wedding websites before I go chaining myself to the computer 24/7 for the next few weeks!  And if I am going to do it I’m going do it properly and for this reason I will have to charge something.

So my question to you is this: Imagine your wedding photographer offered a service where he/she creates a totally custom, feature-packed wedding website for you before your wedding.  You can use it to plan the wedding, share thoughts, ideas and moments of stress/success/relief with friends and family, create a wedding calendar, post maps to the venue, even do invites and RSVPs (maybe, hopefully I’m not digging my own grave here).

And obviously after the wedding you can post all your wedding photos there to share with friends and family around the world.

And your wedding photographer could set all this up for you – one less (big) job for you to worry about!  Would you be interested in such a beast?  And what do you think it would be reasonable for your photographer to charge/what would you be willing to pay for such a service?

I’m really interested to hear your thoughts on this one…





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I am a wedding photographer based in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand. I have been full-time with the photography thing since 2006 and still can’t believe I get to do what I love for a job! Here are a few words that I think sum me up: I AM…tall and bald, happy, imaginative, constantly hungry, active and friendly. I LOVE…my girl, coffee, photography, fooooooood, my family and friends, riding bikes, being outside, the simple things in life, people… I love my life! I believe that wedding photography can and should be SIMPLE, NATURAL, BEAUTIFUL.

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