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Wedding websites, hmmmm…A couple of days ago I posted my wedding question of the week and it was about wedding websites and what you thought about them.
Well, it seems that although wedding websites are (at this stage at least) hardly common in New Zealand they are becoming more and more popular – and with good reason.
A website for your wedding can be a super-handy tool when it comes to planning and organising the big day,  It can also be a great way to share photos and video from your wedding day with friends and family around the world after the event.
But the big dilemma is this: which free wedding website service should you use to set up your wedding website? Well, I had a stroke of genius this morning (I think – I’ll let you be the judge) and realised that perhaps the best free weddng website option was right under my nose all along.

I had previously looked into’s offering (click here to check it out) as it looked the best out of the options I had seen online.  I had even gone as far as starting to create a dummy wedding website to see how good it was. Their sample wedding websites looked pretty snazzy and I had high hopes.  Unfortunately those high hopes were quickly dashed when I discovered very early on that I couldn’t even select “New Zealand” as a country option for my (fake) wedding! The closest I could get was Tahiti!  I also had some feedback from a bride who is a designer saying that it (Weddingwire) was quite limiting in it’s layout/theme options etc for wedding websites.

I should add I had also dabbled with Facebook – you can create a fan page for your wedding and make it private by making it “Accessible by Admiins only”.  Then all you have to do is add the people you want to be able to see it as Admins.  The main problem with this method is that, obviously, those other Admins have the ability to, accidentally or otherwise, modify your site.  And if you don’t make it Admin only access anyone can seed it – and most brides-to-be no more want strangers visiting their website than they want strangers turning up at the wedding itself!  I know you can create Private Groups (apparently) on Facebook and this might be a solution but for now I have given up on Facebook as a wedding website solution.

Then I had a brilliant idea – why not use the very same service I use for this blog to create a wedding website?  This blog was created on WordPress.  It’s totally free and it’s one of if not the most popular blogging platforms on the net today.  Because it is so popular there are literally thousands and thousands of themes and plug-ins available for it, 99% of which are free.  Moreover, again because it is so popular, if you can’t figure out how to do something on your WordPress wedding blog chances are you can find the solution easily with a quick Google search.

I am pretty tech-savvy I guess but I think WordPress is fairly easy for anybody who can handle Facebook etc to use.  So it’s pretty simple to set-up a basic wedding blog/website (WordPress is a super-powerful blogging application.  It’s so powerful and customisable that many people, like me, create full-blown websites with it).  Then you can just add pages and customise things as you go. Here are a couple of links (“how to create a wedding website with WordPress”) to get you started;

(Note this second link mentions hosting your WordPress blog on your own domain as the first step in the set-up process but this is not necessary.  You don’t need to have a domain to host the Worpress site on unless you want your own URL/web address.  Otherwise you can host it for free with WordPress themselves, just like Facebook/Hotmail etc).

So don’t waste any time – get started creating your own WordPress wedding website today!  If you have any comments or questions post them below and I will do my best to answer them all.

Wordpress wedding website logo

Wordpress is awesome.

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