Wedding albums – remember printing photos?

Ok…so I have a terrible confession to make.  A wedding albums skeleton has been buried in the deepest, darkest corner of my photography closet for several years now…the guilt and the burden of carrying this secret around with me for nine years of wedding photography have become too much to bare (bear?) so now, at last, it’s time to come clean…

You see, the truth is, I have never actually done a wedding album.  Not a single one.   (Don’t tell anyone will you?).

I guess the reason for that is because wedding albums have never been a high priority to any of my brides up until now.  But then I guess if your wedding photographer doesn’t have an amazing sample wedding album to show you you are never going to be convinced that you need one.  Or maybe you figure you’ll do it yourselves later (and possibly save yourselves a bunch of money over getting one through your photographer).

Anyway, all that is about to change for me – I am currently in the process of looking at various wedding albums and choosing the one that I feel is best for both me and my wedding clients.  It’s early days yet but I’ve done a little bit of research, see below for the results so far.

So, while I’m in the “ wedding album zone “ I thought I would share some links and info on the various options I have looked at.  If you’re a bride-to-be out and you’re trying to figure out which wedding album supplier to use to make your own wedding album hopefully the following info will be of some help.

(Most wedding photographers offer wedding albums as an option, and most of them only work with one, or rarely two, wedding album suppliers.  For this reason if you get your wedding photographer to create a wedding album for you you will usually have only one choice of wedding album supplier.  Although of course most of these suppliers offer a wide range of albums in different styles and at different price points).

Right, here are the wedding albums I have looked at so far;

Queensberry are the Rolls Royce of the wedding album world.  They are a New Zealand company and do gorgeous looking albums.  Queensberry albums are only available through professional photographers who have registered with Queensberry.  Because Queensberry wedding albums are high end and quite pricey and because it costs quite a lot of money as a wedding photographer to sign up with Queensberry their albums are generally only offered by wedding photographers who consider themselves also to be high end and charge accordingly.

Although their wedding albums look beautiful at this stage I haven’t  committed emotionally or financially to Queensberry.  I need to figure out first what my wedding clients think about their albums – after all, they are the ones that get to keep them!

Snapfish: I haven’t really looked into Snapfish yet but it was highly recommended by several brides on the forums.  Might be worth a look.

Momento – ditto!  See comments for Snapfish above.

iPhoto: iPhoto is a default application that comes with any Mac computer.  I use a Mac and have used iPhoto a fair bit, but I have never printed a book from iPhoto.  I might try it out – could be great for Christmas pressies!  I haven’t included a link because if you have a Mac iPhoto is right there in your “Applications” folder.  If you have a PC you’re out of luck with iPhoto but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a PC application which will allow you to print albums directly from your computer.

Photobooks New Zealand – this is my favourite so far.  A very classy looking website and it comes with free design software to help you design your own wedding album.  I have got as far as downloading the free design software and will try to give it a test run in the next month.

If the design process goes well and I like how it works I will print a dummy wedding album and I’ll post some feedback (and photos) on how it turns out here.

What’s your take on wedding albums?  Are they an essential part of wedding photography?  A waste of money?  Have you had good/bad/any experiences with any of the above wedding albums?  Have I missed any great wedding albums off my (admittedly rather short) list?  If you got one would it be the best of the best, no expense spared, or would you look for something a bit more affordable?

If you feel inspired fire away in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Photo by Photobooks New Zealand

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