Wedding tips that are pure gold!!

Wedding inspiration tips pure gold coffee

Wedding inspiration – now available in a cup.

There is a lot of information available on the internet these days, on that I’m sure we all agree. However good wedding tips are a bit like riveting programs on TV, or great movies at your local video store. There may be a lot to choose from but at the end of the day the vast majority of it is, well…crap (excuse my French). And there is so much bad stuff that a lot of the time you can’t even find the good stuff.

Well recently whilst surfing the net trying to educate myself and others on all things “wedding” I came across a couple of nuggets of wedding info and advice that, in my humble opinion, are pure wedding gold.
So without further ado, here they are…

This is a page with a whole bunch of useful wedding tips to help you with your wedding budget. It is written with the northern hemisphere in mind but this page is full of dozens of really simple but valuable tips to help you stick to/get the most out of your wedding budget.
One of my favourites on this page is the interactive wedding budget calculator – the shortcut straight to this wedding budget calculator is here

#2 – the pros and cons of Friday weddings.. This one is self-explanatory.

That’s it from me for now – time to do some work! But stay tuned, there is plenty more  where this came from. I will post more wedding tips as and when I have time.
Did I say work? I meant coffee…

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I am a wedding photographer based in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand. I have been full-time with the photography thing since 2006 and still can’t believe I get to do what I love for a job! Here are a few words that I think sum me up: I AM…tall and bald, happy, imaginative, constantly hungry, active and friendly. I LOVE…my girl, coffee, photography, fooooooood, my family and friends, riding bikes, being outside, the simple things in life, people… I love my life! I believe that wedding photography can and should be SIMPLE, NATURAL, BEAUTIFUL.

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