Some AWESOME improvements coming to The Queenstown Wedding Blog next week – stay tuned!!

Well hello there!

If you were looking for The Queenstown Wedding Blog then I’m afraid there’s some good news and some bad news.  No, actually make that “some great news and some bad news!”.


The great news is that I am working on a complete new site design for The Queenstown Wedding Blog that is going to;

  1. Make the site a tonne easier to search and find the Venues, Vendors or Blog Posts you are looking for.
  2. Mean a tonne more Venue and Vendor listings on the Blog, which is obviously great news for everybody.

The new site is going to be “amaze-balls” and I am super excited to get it up and running.  So trust me, I’m going to be working night and day to get it live and launch it to the world (aka my mum) ASAP.


I tried to keep the old site active while still working on the new site design but after a dozen crashes decided to play it safe and put the old site in maintenance mode.

I expect to have the new site up and running towards the end of next week (eg by approx. 17 December).  In the meantime, if you have any burning questions about Queenstown Wedding Venues, Vendors, Wedding Photography or pretty much anything “Queenstown wedding-y” then drop me a line at

Note: I will be in and out of internet range the next 3 days (10 – 12 November) but if I can will check and reply to emails each morning and evening.  If I’m out of range good and proper (likely) I will be back online and responding to emails the morning of Monday 13 November.

Have a great weekend folks!